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the basics

here's where you'll find all the most important information on a dream is a wish! make sure you read through everything thoroughly if you're thinking about joining--there might be a test! just kidding, there won't be a test, but you will probably want to make sure you know what's up before you decide to join! also, in the event that you need a peek at the faq, this would be the place to start!

5 1 Feb 17 2016, 09:20 PM
In: the faq
By: the mayor
the announcements

if you are already a member here, this is a very important forum to keep your eyes on. here is where all important announcements will go, including any possible staff searches, member competitions and activity checks. all old announcements are also logged away here, in case you missed something from the last time around! for those looking to join, this is a good place to watch too--maybe that perfect face claim is about to make itself available!

Subforums: updates, competitions, activity checks, of the month voting

5 0 Jun 15 2016, 08:37 AM
In: 006. update # 5
By: topothesia
member services

if you, as a member, need anything cleaned up or taken care of, here is the place to alert the admins. just go to the appropriate thread and let us know what you need done. this applies mostly to completed or dead threads that need to be archived or if you sadly have to say goodbye to one of your characters for whatever reason.

7 24 Aug 29 2016, 01:24 PM
In: open thread index
By: cristiana martinelli

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onto the good stuff! if you've decided to join us here, this is where you'll be spending a lot of your time. make sure you take a look at the canon list carefully and see what all we currently have to offer! when you're applying, feel free to pick your favorite of the provided templates and make sure to post it in the correct subforum. if you post an incomplete application, you may just bump it with a reply when you finish!

Subforums: incomplete applications, completed applications, pending applications

20 14 Sep 22 2016, 06:26 PM
By: caleb easton
town registry

congrats and welcome to a dream is a wish! we're so happy to have you here! all accepted applications will be moved here and filed under their correct member groups. feel free to come in here and poke around if you need some ideas or inspiration when you're writing your own application!

Subforums: damsels, heroes, neutrals, sidekicks, villains

89 90 Sep 17 2016, 06:59 PM
In: Maddox, Eirwen C.
By: topothesia

has your character been accepted? then drop by here to make your claims! once your claims are checked, your character will be sorted into his or her member group, and you'll be able to play with a beautiful colored name! check the face claims, member directory, occupation claims, character index, and then post in the finished claiming thread to let us know you're all done! welcome to adiaw!

5 262 Feb 17 2016, 10:51 PM
In: finished claiming?
By: the mayor

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shippers: everyone's favorite part of sites! well, maybe not everyone's favorite, but they are fun. after you're accepted, pop over here and post your character's little shipping profile in the correct subforum! this just area is just split princes and princesses, as well as princes & princesses in one, or, males and females, fyi! make sure you take a look at all the profiles in here and try and plot with as many people as you can, not just the ones in your character's story!

Subforums: ladies, gentlemen, ladies & gentlemen

27 650 Sep 22 2016, 04:58 PM
In: let the good times roll
By: cristiana martinelli
wanted ads

looking for a character to help fill your plotting needs? here's the place to go to post your ad! if you're looking into joining us here at a dream is a wish, make sure you check out everything in here--you might miss something great if you don't! make sure you post your ad in the correct subforum so it's easy for people to locate things they would be interested in!

Subforums: ladies, gentlemen, ladies & gentlemen

39 89 Sep 22 2016, 08:31 PM
In: Tale As Old As Time
By: Mirabelle Benson
character development

got ideas for your characters? need to keep track of your threads going on? here's where you can store all your organizational tools! please use templates for trackers and journals to keep everything looking pretty. (:

Subforums: agnes, bee, fisher, iulia, kay, lex, lissy, mandi, mari, meggie, miki, minty, peach, serenity, shadow, shay, spooks, sunny, topothesia, venom, waldorf, zoe

72 106 Sep 27 2016, 09:37 PM
In: Testing, testing
By: kanin white

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cell phones

everyone's attached to their cell phones in their own rite, aren't they? here's where all the cell phone interactions are logged, so you can bet this is a busy area! need to make an important phone call or text a friend to save you from boredom? come on over here! just remember kids, never text and drive!

Subforums: instagram, phone conversations, texting conversations

10 213 Sep 8 2016, 01:17 PM
In: Stranger Danger
By: anna snow

computers: almost as important as cell phones--maybe even on par. IM conversations are bountiful here, but don't forget about everyone's favorite social networks. does something tick you off in less than 140 characters? you should probably take to twitter about it. or, maybe use those carefully honed creeping skills out on facebook.

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In: ----

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main street

welcome to the hardwicke town center! main street is full of restaurants and shopping, as well as cute little brownstone apartments. hardwicke university is located within walking distance from the town center, so much of the housing is filled with college students, but don't worry about them--there's always something going on in town with or without those crazy college kids.

Subforums: the wonderland, rhodes fitness, starbucks, black cauldron prophecies, martinelli's italian restaurant, cinema 10, harry's pizza, the poison apple, QUAERENS GAIA, the hardwicke store, brookstone apartments, hardwicke elementary school, hardwicke high school, hardwicke university

20 168 Sep 19 2016, 06:25 PM
In: You're My Escape
By: Alric Montgomery III
park avenue

the park avenue neighborhood is only slightly removed from the town center and is definitely a step down in rockin' nightlife from it as well. this neighborhood is mostly residential areas with everything from ranches to cottages to colonials. the parts of this area that aren't residential are mostly local businesses like the hardwicke diner and the hardware store.

Subforums: hardwicke hospital, elysium, hardwicke radio, happypaws veterinary clinic, poison, the rat trap, get lucky, lee's comics, the hardwicke diner, down the rabbit hole, hardwicke boulevard

17 122 Sep 22 2016, 09:36 AM
In: Day Drinking
By: merry peters
orchard road

in the opposite direction of the park avenue neighborhood is orchard road, a place where you can find the major shopping center of hardwicke. although the town center has some small shops, orchard is where all the big name brands are located. it's home to more apartments and town houses, mostly inhabited by the upper crust of the town. there's always something to do on orchard, especially if you've got some money to burn.

Subforums: lux, angelo's, double entendre, atlantica recreation center, flight by night, umi sushi, frosty llama, deviant's alibi, orchard's square mall, the hardwicke bookstore, orchard garden apartments

23 126 Sep 22 2016, 08:51 PM
In: The Stories We Tell
By: Mirabelle Benson
prospect street

prospect street is where people go to look at all the beautiful houses. while it's true that much of the orchard road residents are wealthy, it's nothing compared to the residents of prospect street. some of the oldest families in hardwicke live on this beautiful street and they live in style in their old, enormous mansions. the prospect neighborhood is also home to elizabeth park, which has one of hardwicke's most critically acclaimed restaurants in it.

Subforums: atlas library, elizabeth park, atlas museum, the pond house cafe, skeleton key antiques

14 76 Sep 19 2016, 01:40 PM
In: Painting the Shutters Black
By: Saul McNaughton
out of town

Empty roads and lots of trees, thats what you'll find at first outside of Hardwicke. Further out you'll find different businesses, and good places to eat, some teens come out here for parties to get away from their parents, but really, who wouldn't?

3 46 Sep 20 2016, 12:52 AM
In: Can't Find A Thing To D...
By: dante bishop
summer seasonal events

Subforums: hardwicke beach party

3 8 Sep 16 2016, 09:29 PM
In: Sticky Fingers
By: Charlotte Oswald
spring seasonal events

Subforums: elizabeth park spring bazaar, hardwicke university art fair, spring masquerade ball

10 69 Sep 21 2016, 10:35 PM
In: Who Is Behind The Mask
By: Christina Leroux
in time

for when the season ends, but the threads go on! in order to keep tidy, out-of-season active threads can be played here until completed. or - want to delve into your character's past or future? this is your place.

21 206 Sep 28 2016, 05:36 PM
In: in my heart i was a hitchhiker
By: kanin white
alternative universe

do you believe in alternate worlds and realities? your character may have not taken a certain road and ended up making different decisions. 'what if' scenarios come into play in this board. what if a certain incident hadn't happened to your character? what if your character fell in love with someone else? this is also where you can play out your characters' spirit counterparts.

1 0 Sep 23 2016, 09:52 PM
In: A 150 Mile Detour
By: harris charles

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feel free to chat your little hearts out here! if there's something you really want to get off your chest, go for it! if you want to introduce yourself, go for it! this is always the house for the game threads, so we'll probably be seeing you around here quite often!

Subforums: introductions, games, graphics, absences

16 191 Sep 24 2016, 12:16 PM
In: Summer 2016 things
By: kolibri swift

this is where all advertisements are to be posted, including our own. if you're here to post an ad for your site, please make sure you post it in the correct subforum--first link for if you're linking to us first or link back if we linked on your forum first! (:

Subforums: first post, link back/accepted

684 6 May 24 2018, 04:44 PM
In: Incandescence - New Member ...
By: SilverPhantom

it's only natural on a site for some things to die, whether it be characters who have abandoned ship or threads that have come to their close. all dead threads and characters will be archived here after activity checks or if a member posts in the member services threads for some of their things to be moved. we like to keep things clean here!

Subforums: applications, shipping & wanted ads, threads, miscellaneous

341 1723 Aug 31 2016, 03:01 PM
In: from the very start...
By: jasmine knight

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